5 Sites That Give You Safe Free Music Download Sites

Downloading music from the internet is certainly not just the process of visiting the site, selecting the music that you want to download, and finally downloading the music. As wise internet users, it is necessary for us to carefully download the music from the internet. Why is it so? Absolutely because a lot of music download sites are not safe.

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Downloading music from the internet, no matter how fun and free, still carries the risk of dangers, such as a distribution of viruses/and or malwares. Because of this, you need to be smart in picking the right sites that can give you a safe free music download.

Here are some free music download sites recommendations for Free Music Download Sites that you can try

1. YouTube.com

Who does not know this particular site? YouTube is like a giant library containing millions of video and music files that we can download for free. Not only free, of course, but downloading from here is also safe because the site is virus free. We can even convert video files from YouTube to be downloaded in Mp3 format.

2. iTunes Store

This Apple-created site is designed with a user-friendly design, and can be accessed directly via the iTunes desktop multimedia management software, or through the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Beside music, podcasts, audio books and videos can also be downloaded from the iTunes store. With as brand as big as Apple, this site undoubtedly ensures your need to get a safe free music download.

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3. Amazon MP3

As part of the retail sales sites, Amazon MP3 provides MP3s purchases and MP3 music download service. Amazon MP3 is the first service that allows downloaded music to be stored on many MP3 players, because it has no digital rights management (DRM). This is one of my favorite The Best Free Music Download Sites on the internet.

More Free Music Download Sites For You To Check Out

4. Spotify.com

Spotify is an online music streaming service that allows the users to create their own playlists and listen to the music for free. Advertising contents, not adware, are provided in the visual and audio formats while we are listening to the music through free services, and will not interfere with our comfort in the enjoyment of listening to the music.

5. BeeMp3.com

This site has a huge music digital library. It requires no membership or payment to download music (read: free), and it is also safe. You just need to type a captcha in the space provided before you can download the music that you want. All in all, it is beyond simple.

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There are several other recommended The Best Free Music Download Sites that you can try, like http://www.soundclick.com, http://emp3world.com, or http://mp3raid.com

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