$74 MK802 Android 4.0 Mini-PC Versus $200 FXI Cotton Candy

$74 MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC Versus $200 FXI Cotton Candy ImagesLately we have found the set of micro-PCs arrival. As well the much-touted and gaudier Raspberry Pi, a Android-powered Cotton Candy FXI has as well been proclaimed. On the $200 Cotton Candy is ready to a contiguous launch, the Android PC-on-a-stick has found a relevant rival at MK802 mini PC. The fresh Android-based micro-PC disputes Cotton Candy by their low price constituent ($74) instead of anything else. The really alike Allwinner A10-featured MK802 might perhaps be a slopped menace for Cotton Candy Mini PC.

Below the hood, MK802 blusters an ARM-based 1.5GHz single core 512MB of RAM and Allwinner A10 CPU. Naturally, the machine isn’t as brawny as Cotton Candy, which goes with a 1.2GHz Exynos chipset and 1GB of RAM. Only once it pertains the graphical processor, the MK802 boasts the same Mali 400 GPU as though the Cotton Candy. MK802 will run on the most recent Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Connectivity boasts of the MK802 micro PC are Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports including one microUSB and fully-sized, an HDMI port and others. The port of HDMI allows you source the a large monitor and HDTV’s content. With access to several app stores such as Google Play, you will be able to enjoy broadloom portable computing on the MK802 Mini PC.

As mentioned above, furthermore amazing by the new MK802 micro-PC is that it’s priced pretty lower than their potential rival the Cotton Candy. By only cost $74, customers could by nearly three pieces of the MK802 Mini PC rather than a Cotton Candy. Naturally, it’s the boast that’s been psyching up the MK802 Mini PC in news.

The Raspberry Pi is another cheap mini computer that looks to be popular amid enthusiasts for tasks as if video streaming and programming. Raspberry Pi might as well serve as instructive tools for children in less developed states, particularly when installed on the right applications.

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