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When you look for a certain type of software, you will usually be offered choices between different brands and manufacturers. It can be a difficult choice as you need to make sure something works just the way that you need. There are some steps that [...]
VPN is a commonly adopted network protocol, which is mostly used by business and corporations who want to secure their data transfer and encrypt the access to a given central organization network. This technology is fairly complicated, and it requires both terminal ends [...]
An iPad is one of the recent technological gadgets that can be applied in various settings, and it is especially useful in classrooms. Below are some steps on how to set up an iPad in a classroom to make sure that students are in tandem [...]
The new “Do Not Disturb” feature that was added to all Apple iPhones with iOS version 6 is designed to make sure that you don’t get messages or calls in times where they would be a disturbance. If you’re about to head off [...]
When it comes to bringing in more individuals into your small business website, it is necessary to have a mobile website. The mobile website is going to bring in individuals to the website while on the go through their smartphones or tablet computers. [...]
Did you know that it might be possible for you to get a FREE cell phone? Not only that, but you might also be given free service and calls. For people living in low income areas there’s a scheme that aims to bring [...]
Any website designer worth her salt learns from the mistakes he or she makes. This is true of any craft, including the world of digital media. A website designer that desires to improve herself must take a good, hard look at both the [...]
Wi-Fi has become a necessity in our lives. With all of the different mobile devices that we have at our fingertips, the need to access information whenever and wherever is important. Maybe you need it to check email, get directions, or simply check [...]
Selecting a recovery can be a chore on certain, more popular devices. Not because the “perfect” recovery doesn’t exist, mind you, but because there are so many good options to choose from. Then, there are recoveries that have several variants. With some offering [...]
One of the major expenses that any organization suffers from is a set of bills – phone bills, electricity bills, maintenance bills, etc. For any employer, it is vital to control the expense on things that are either wasted, or are unnecessary. Thus, [...]
Tablets often present a conundrum for many users. While most tablets feature internal storage of 16GB or 32GB, there are some out there with 8 GB or less. And when you’re using that internal storage for your apps, music, movies, and more; it [...]
Most people think that in order for them to communicate electronically from their PC to a cell phone the phone has to have the Internet and they need to subscribe to a data plan. One workaround for older phones that do not have [...]
Getting started with Android development can be a difficult task. Guides to help users compile kernels or build ROMs aren’t available for all devices, and users are often left to extrapolate a lot for themselves. It’s a learning process to be sure, but [...]
In this day and age of modern computing, one of the most popular devices out there, particularly due to the novelty of its size, is the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. Many devs are focusing their attention on this “giant” as it is a [...]
As devices are released, the first and foremost achievement to be gained is root. First root methods are often messy and include a lot of ADB commands and complicated procedures. As development for a phone evolves, so does the root method—one click methods come out, [...]
Over the last few months, downgrading firmware has seemingly been all the rage. Not because the newest firmwares aren’t great, and not because there’s anything wrong with them—it’s because downgrading is often the last recourse left in device rooting troublesome devices. There are other [...]
Battery life on many Android devices has been a problem for quite some time. Although the hardware and software in Android has improved much in recent years, battery technology remains largely the same. While there are some rumors out of better batteries being [...]
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