Elate Your Routine iPhone Experience With These Uber Cool Accessories

You are absolutely in love with your iPhone, but do you ever take out time to take look at its accessories? Do you relish them equally? The iPhone accessory industry has been functioning at full swing especially after the release of new iPhone 5. You will find plethora of accessories in the marketplace including ear plugs, chargers, cases etc. But this great product range brings along a danger pertaining to buyer’s remorse.
Elate Your Routine iPhone Experience With These Uber Cool Accessories Images

Here are 5 safe accessories that will add a dash of excitement to your routine iPhone life.

iLuv ReF Headphones: Now that you have spent considerable sum of your hard earned money on the new iPhone 5, missing EarPods can be a big turn off. At a mere $30, they are probably the best bet when it comes to iPhone accessories but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ideal. You can always try a new pair of buds that gives superior audio quality at a reasonable price. Though in case of ear phones options are plenty but these funky and fashionable pieces from iLuv are a great deal, especially when they are adorned with canvas exterior, have leather ear cups, built-in hands free mic and a titanium diaphragm that gives crystal clear sound. All this and lot more and you can get your hands on them for just $129.99.

Orbit Camera Solutions: Now what else could you wish for? This accessory, a physical case complete with three varieties of lens, is definitely going to please the photo-maniac in you. The three lenses- a 67x wide-angle lens, 2x optical zoom lens and a 180-degree fish-eye view- give you quality pictures even in minimum light conditions. Don’t forget to check out the cool retro design on the case, which is available in red, silver and black. If the steep price of $239 is holding you back, the company also sells individual lenses.

The Lighting Dock: As you upgrade to the Apple iPhone 5 this season, you might have to do away with lot of your favorite accessories including docking stations, which are not compatible with the new device. The sleek new dock connector in iPhone 5 improves the looks of the phone but doesn’t go along well with the docking stations from previous versions. This is the reason for the release of Lighting Dock. The dock is compatible with iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation. You get all this by shelling just $34.95.

Ambiphix GO waterproof case: Well, now your iPhone 5 can swim too! Yes! This accessory lets you take your iPhone 5 for an underwater dive. This waterproof case from H2O audio keeps your iPhone safe and dry even in the wettest of conditions. Every case is tested individually to ensure that it is 100% waterproof. Furthermore, you can use the touch screen of your iPhone right through the case, which means besides being safe it’s easy and convenient to use! The case comes with long and short rubber jacks and a 3.5mm audio headphone jack which makes it quite handy. Just pay $49.95 and you get all this at your disposal.

ShockDrop Cases: For many of you, the fragile and expensive iPhone 5 is your new baby. You can’t risk it falling and getting damaged. There are several protective cases available in the marketplace but ShockDrop case beats them all at their job. It offers optimum protection features at considerably reasonable price. The 3.5mm thin case comes with a 10 mm shock absorbing silicon protector attached at the corners. The USPs of this sturdy case is the rip-proof port covers and molded in-volume controls. You can get your hands on these bold looking cases at a mere $39.95.

There is an array of iPhone accessories available in the market today, choose the one that suits your taste the most. So which iPhone accessory is your pick of the season?

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