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For music lovers, downloading music from the internet might be something that they frequently do. With the ease of access to sites providing free music to download, listening to our latest favorite music is no longer a luxury. But wait, many of those sites that are not actually providing legal music to download.

Yes, that’s right, if you download music on sites such as,,, etc., you often are actually violating the music copyright. Now you may not be afraid of those piracy laws, but as the development of application technology for DRM, RIAA and lawsuit growing rapidly, it is not impossible for you to be detected as owning pirated music.

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Wow, so how can you legally download free music from the internet? Some of you might find it a burden to spend some money everytime you want to download free music for your computer, but downloading a completely free music without violating copyright, and most importantly, keep supporting the music owners at the same time, is just a-click-away. There are some sites you can visit if you want to download music without needing to worry that what you do is violating copyright. Here they are:

1. WE7 on

This site focuses more to indie music. Downloading the first 20 songs from this site is ad-free, but after that you should ‘enjoy’ the advertisement first before you can download the music that you want.

2. ArtistServer on

ArtistServer is one of the most suitable sites to look for new, talented musicians and to download high quality music. The contents available are asked by the users of the site.

3. Jamendo on

Another site that lets you download music for free and legally. Compared to ArtistServer, the selection of the artist is more professional. Users can search for music on Jamendo, share playlists with other people as well as a download free music that they like.

4. on provides a wide collection of public domain or free-licensed music collection, oldie music, and some artists with modern music, so the choices of music that you can download for free and legally are very broad.

5. iTunes Free Download on

Some of you might be surprised to see this site on the list. iTunes is more known for offering music for sale, but Apple also offers some free music every week to support the listeners to discover new music. Not only that, iTunes is also offering free TV shows, audiobooks and a lot more.

6. Elbows on

Elbows collects news and posts from various music blogs, and collect free MP3s and music from various music blogs, which allows its users to easily search for songs and certain artists.

Some sites that allow you to download music legally for free get supports from donors and advertisers, so they can stay afloat even if visitors do not spend any money while downloading music from their sites. Those who want to download music for free with no membership requirement, you do not need to worry. It is true that you need to register in those sites before you can download free music legally there, but easy, registration is free of charge.

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