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In the free information era as it is now, getting online entertainments seems no longer a big deal. For you music lovers, there are a lot of music player device that you can take with you 24 hours a day to get entertainment, one of which is the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Not only can be used to play exciting games, this extravagant device can also be used for watching movies and TV series, as well as storing photos and listening to the music. This is what we are going to talk about today.

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There are hundreds of sites that allow you to get free PSP music downloads. However, you also have to be careful because a lot of those sites are outright scams and counterfeit products trying to steal your money. There are basically two types of music download services. First, we have got a so-called ‘pay and go’ type site. These types of sites are not really free PSP music downloads sites.

They are more of offering cheap PSP music downloads. No matter how cheap they are, you still have to pay a price for the music you download.  Second, it is the type of music download services that we call subscription services. You pay a monthly or annual fee or a one-time fee and then get unlimited free PSP music during that time (or FOREVER if you go for a site that offers a one-time fee). Hm, interesting, isn’t it?

Most of the free PSP music downloads sites that are available for us are illegal, so I strongly suggest you to be really careful when exploring those sites. You can recognize them from the slow download speeds and they sometimes go as far as leaving your PC open to attacks from harmful computer viruses and hackers.

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Having doing some research on the safest sites that provide you free PSP music downloads, these three sites are the most-recommended by internet users:,, Go visit them by yourself, and take a pick.

Now, once you pick the most suitable site for you, all you need to do is registering and making a payment. What? Paying? Yes, you need to pay, but you don’t need to worry, because these kinds of unlimited lifetime free PSP music downloads will usually cost you around $40 bucks, which I say is quite cheap for all the downloads they offer. You just have to pay once, and you will get unlimited free PSP music. After having made the payment and signed up, you will be asked to download software in order to get your free PSP music downloads.

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Go install the software and you can access the database/library and download unlimited amounts of music, games etc. soon after that. You can download as many files as you’d like at the same time. Just remember to consider you internet speed. Once the download is completed, you open that software which will connect both your PC and the PSP. Then your free music for PSP will go from PC to PSP memory and will be available to play.

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