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Sirma Mobile, Inc. today announced the release of mTimeCard, a free mobile app for both iPhone and Android that lets SMBs easily monitor their employees’ timekeeping and attendance. “It is not only staff administration, but managing most of a company’s marketing activities, checking [...]
You shouldn’t think twice in upgrading your iPhone to iOS6. The changes that Apple made are indeed relevant to provide you optimal experience, one of which, is bringing in new exciting features. Here are the reasons why you should pull the trigger. Credible [...]
The huge strides in the technology field only benefits the freelance writer. Writers with an iPhone can manage part of their business directly on their smartphone. IPhone developers write applications for creating notes, tracking sales, tracking article submissions and providing a reference for [...]
Fast-paced and extremely addictive, Bejeweled Blitz is currently one of the most popular games for Apple iPhones and Android phones. Its integration with Facebook also makes the high scores list extremely competitive. Everybody has that one friend whose score completely demolishes everybody else’s. [...]
It’s Friday night and you have just finished work. You are being bombarded with texts from your friends asking: “What you are up to?” and “What is going on tonight?” But you are undecided about what you are going to do or where [...]
The timing from this leak could powerfully suggest that Google could announce the Google Nexus 7 tablet and Android Jelly Bean at Google I/O, which falls out at 27-29 June. Not an whole lot is recognised about Jelly Bean other than it could [...]
Since the mobile phone industry experienced explosive growth after the introduction of the smart phone; many new companies have entered the market, and now the choice offered to the customer is vast, and unless you are a technophile, potentially daunting. Technological advances and [...]
If you are trying to promote a website then you have probably looked into all kinds of things by now. Most webmasters re like are like TopCat – consistently looking for a money making scheme and trying to work out how to get [...]
Allotment tablet computer users not only special for adults, children can use to learn and play. If during this time, they just borrow owned by his father, now there is a tablet that is designed specifically for children. Archos ChildPad, is a 7-inch [...]
Apple has softly rebranded their new iPad WiFi + 4G in reception for carried on pressure by regulators concerned that purchasers were being misdirected across the data speeds the new iPad could accomplish. New iPad, at once called the new iPad WiFi + [...]
You may call up Le Pan tablets from this year CES, from which just one was really ready at the moment. The firm is at present set up to bang the United States seriously, only you will have to blank out the firm [...]

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